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Thank you for visiting Steve Young Better Brentwood.  This website is the original "Slow Growth Steve Mayor of Brentwood 2020-2024 for a CooL Change".   Steve, who  lives in "District 4",  continues his objective of "educating the electorate"  Therefore, most of the original content has been left  "as is" -- Steve was the  "favorite"   (leading)  mayoral candidate in the unofficial pre election social media polls.  40,000 registered voters in Brentwood yet only a ratio of 1 in 20 visited this site listed at the top of his candidate statement in the Voter Information Guide.  Those who did, mostly voted for him.  Otherwise, we might have a very different kind of mayor.   The candidate who won had  only 6 percent among residents with a certain level of awareness.

  • Cut emergency response times to 3-5 minutes
    (currently 10-13)

  • Slow down "approval" and building of new residential units — quality development only

  • Infrastructure must catch up with population growth!


See more at Message and Principles

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