Steve Young Better Brentwood

Thank you for visiting Steve Young Better Brentwood.  This website is the original "Slow Growth Steve Mayor of Brentwood 2020-2024 for a CooL Change".   Steve, who  lives in  "District 4",   continues his goal of "educating the electorate".  Therefore, most of the original content has been left  "as is".  Despite virtually no campaign donations,  and  literally no advertising or election signs,  Steve was the  "favorite"   (leading)  mayoral candidate in the unofficial pre election polls on social media.  40,000 registered voters in Brentwood yet only a ratio of 1 in 20 visited this site listed at the top of his candidate statement in the Voter Information Guide.  Those who did, mostly voted for him.  Otherwise, we might have a very different kind of mayor.   The candidate who won had  only 6 percent among residents with a certain level of awareness.  Politicians, notably incumbents,  manipulate weary voters with an onslaught of misleading ads in the local press, ad inserts, election signs, and a barrage of deceptive mailers.  Usually it works!   And it definitely worked in November, 2020, for Bryant and Rarey!!

  • Cut emergency response times to 3-5 minutes
    (currently 10-13)

  • Slow down "approval" and building of new residential units — quality development only

  • Infrastructure must catch up with population growth!


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