Amber Lane Apartments,,

Dec 26 at 11:02 AM

Hello, this is a follow up to my email of Sunday morning, 7:36 a.m..

I am requesting confirmation re: Amber Lane approval of December 17.

Brentwood residents have sent me emails asking various questions. I'm retired so I try to make time to answer all of them. Many people have expressed interest in filing an appeal regarding the Planning Commission's approval of "Amber Lane Apartments". However, I was informed by a reliable source this particular approval could not be appealed by a resident (only the applicant). Therefore, I have been requesting clarification on a few issues. The city clerk replied that the approval had already been appealed by Discovery Builders. However, I have not received a response from the city manager or city attorney.

for the city manager or city attorney: could you please clarify or confirm my understanding of this project and its history. It appears this project was discussed at a public hearing by the Planning Commission in 2014 or 2015. Then it went to the city council, and was shelved in March 2015. Nearly five years later, it was brought back to the PC with no requirement for a public hearing since quite a bit happened all those years ago. Therefore, the PC had approval authority which it exercised December 17, 2019.

for the city attorney: at the Dec. 17 PC meeting, it was said that the Amber Lane approval could be appealed within ten days. What is the exact deadline date for filing an appeal? Can any Brentwood resident file an appeal or just someone living within a certain proximity of the Amber Lane Project (who would have been legally required to receive notification of a public hearing)? Can a parent living anywhere in Brentwood appeal if they feel impacted by adding more students to schools already filled to capacity? Can a resident appeal based on concerns regarding fire, emergency and rescue services? Can any Brentwood resident speak when the Discovery Builders appeal goes to the city council? Was the PC incorrect by implying that the Amber Lane approval could be appealed by a resident at this point? The city clerk replied a few days ago: "any interested person may appeal a decision".

for the city manager or city attorney: a version of Amber Lane Project was nixed by the city council in early 2015. Is it true a primary concern was a percentage of the units would be turned into subsidized housing? Is subsidized housing planned for the current version? What are the legal requirements for subsidized housing in Brentwood? Is part of the reason for bringing back this project so BART can extend to Brentwood? Are you aware that most Brentwood residents seem to be about as enthusiastic about BART coming to our city as they were about Measure L? Are there legal requirements that BART extend to Brentwood even if most residents don't want it? Are you aware that BART itself admits they cannot control the crime and violence associated with its system?

Thank you.

Steven Young