The choice is yours: Fresh approach or status quo. Years ago, Brentwood had some different choices 1) How big: most residents who spoke at General Plan meetings wanted a population build out of 43,000. They were largely ignored. Brentwood is about 66,000 and growing;  2) ULL: Grassroots effort who helped persuade the Contra Costa Supervisors to vote for the current ULL.  We won!  Well, sort of, as you know from our city council voting 5-0 for a Special Measure L Election (rest assured, they will try again so we need strong opposition from our city leaders);  3) Preserve Brentwood's 11,000-acre “Agricultural Core” by not building houses on certain lands. It took a lot of work. We won!

Oh, I almost forgot to introduce myself!  Hello, my name is Steve Young.  My wife and I moved our 3 children from Fremont to Brentwood (population 13,656) in October, 1996.   Quality of life in our Fremont neighborhood was crumbling after city decisions that did not reflect much concern for the well being of residents.  Before purchasing our Brentwood home, I called a city engineer, Jeff, asking about a proposed gas station right next to our neighborhood.   I'll never forget his exact words, "I can't imagine that ever getting approved by the city council, there's too much community opposition".   Soon the gas station was approved, and the council even added some bright lights, and a mechanical car wash that was not in the original zoning.  We combined forces with Apple Hill residents who were not excited about what was being planned for oil fields near homes, and a school.  Does any of this sound familiar?  Well, a few neighborhood meetings later, the group decided 3 of us needed to run for city council to create "meaningful change".  Several months later, I found myself an elected member of the Brentwood city council.  I served two years of a four year term due to some family and medical hardships.  It's time to finish a four year commitment. 

I am running to help the residents not so much for myself.  We need some leadership that is not afraid to send a strong message to do the right thing.