Leadership + Q & A

My democratic and participative style of leadership starts with a dedication and commitment to making people's lives better:  protecting the residents; communicating with residents; educating the electorate.  I will inspire and engage our smart residents in discussing and defining our goals while listening and truly hearing.   I will be asking our highly valued people for input, and what they feel are the fastest (and most effective) ways to complete!  I will set the parameters for the work, and have the final say on decisions (somebody's got to do it          :)   At this point, we have set our goals to meet !   Our community is actively involved, working together, creating solutions, and one by one . . . we attack Brentwood's most important issues: emergency, medical, and fire response times; economic development; and what we collectively determine as most essential !  We are humble, and understand that a team works best collectively--there's that word again!   I will be directly interacting, perhaps daily, with key "influencers" and decision makers in Sacramento and The County, especially regarding  the emergency and fire response crisis!  Together we will transform the entire dynamic!