Council Votes 5-0 for Measure L

Hello Brentwood Voters, I have updated this post after enduring a pattern of being banned (deleted) by supporters of incumbent candidate(s) challenging me for Mayor of Brentwood in other supposedly "open" social media platforms. For a long time, I was the #1 contributor to at least one of the groups. Often times, upon introducing myself at a community meeting (or out in public), I would hear, "Oh the Rising Star" (Facebook terminology). Indeed there were some pretty humorous moments!


However, in this latest chapter, I was informed by several residents that recent articles I had written . . . had created a lot of discussion. Ironically, I never actually saw any of the comments myself. The much needed community dialogue was taken down real quick by "group administrators" who vehemently support incumbent candidate(s).  More irony: a big reason I am running is to educate the electorate, and increase awareness.  


Chris Wallace, well known American journalist, shared a warning on the so-called cancel culture sweeping the nation, saying it could be your viewpoint that is targeted next. “It may be what somebody you don’t like is saying . . . and you are okay with the cancel culture . . . but tomorrow, it might be something that you say, or something that you believe, that’s being canceled out,” Wallace warned.


 Sadly, Brentwood has a reputation for being a "bedroom community" where residents are preoccupied with commuting.  People arrive home from work already thinking about preparing for the next day's journey.  Politicians manipulate weary voters with an onslaught of misleading ads in the local press, ad inserts, election signs, and a barrage of deceptive mailers.  Usually it works!  However, it did not work when the Brentwood City Council tried tricking residents with Measure L.   I think our community in general is much too quiet about calling out the shortcomings of our city council.  Friendships are sometimes the reason.  Nobody wants to lose friends over politics.

I have rarely or Rarey been shy about voicing my priority for Brentwood:  Long Term, Big Picture!  I simply communicate what      (I "know")   is true,  and needs to be said.  I try to be as polite and straight forward as possible. And I have always accepted the reality that not everybody is going to like me.  What I wasn't expecting was defenders of incumbent candidate(s) pressuring my supporters not to support me.  What are they afraid of?   I  guarantee  that I would NEVER do that!  And it's been going on for over two months!

So IMHO: It doesn't matter what somebody says she does. It doesn't matter if somebody "isn't as bad as Joel Bryant".   It doesn't matter if she "researches" and does her "homework" . . . because our city council (by 5-0 vote)  almost always comes to the wrong conclusion on essential issues that are harmful to the community. The fact is . . . 97-99 percent of the time . . . both incumbents  (my challengers for mayor)  vote the same!!

No incumbent is a "voice of the people" despite calling herself that-- at least that's what hundreds of Brentwood voices have said (or written) to me for more than a year.  The voices saying this are informed residents who are familiar with city council meetings.  Both incumbents are at odds with the Brentwood community at large.  If you need proof,  please view the videos on this website (Residents vs. city council).  Incumbents often appear confused on issues.   They are long winded rationalizing why they voted against the residentsMeanwhile, they take $thousands from developers, oil related companies, and special interest entities.  Most folks I know consider that a conflict of interest.  It effects how you vote!

Please remember who typically pays for all those mailers, newspaper ads and inserts.  Ms. Rarey, who is highly regarded as a community volunteer, says she voted to put Measure L on Special Election so it would have a "better chance of losing"!  It makes no sense!  I don't believe it!  Everybody knows that our city council voted 5-0 "Yes" with the  intention of having Measure L pass!

Our city council incorrectly anticipated Brentwood residents would be enjoying summer vacation, and not paying attention. They were wrong!  Very wrong.  And none of them has ever apologized for wasting hundreds of hours of our time (collectively)!