Critical PC Meeting

Here's a summary of what I intended to say (clearly) at the September 1, 2020 Planning Commission meeting. Oddly enough, I was the only commenter who's comments sounded distorted, garbled, as if I was either under water or speaking from outer space.

The truth is despite Mr. Albert Seeno stating tonight that he's giving the city "$ millions and millions" of dollars . . . building new houses does NOT generate enough revenue to pay for its own Long Term maintenance.

LONG TERM, new housing does not pay for itself !!!!! Roads, vehicle trips, increased traffic, water pipes, sewer mains, and burdens on overcrowded schools, emergency and fire service, and of course the police . . .

You have a General Plan that specifies Emergency Response times are required to average 3-5 minutes. The average Emergency Response Times are documented to be 10-12 minutes.  Some say 13.

So it certainly appears that the City of Brentwood would have legal justification to stop approving and building houses if Emergency Response Times are almost 3 times longer than what’s defined in your own General Plan.

And the reason I don’t know for sure how the city feels about what I view as a valid legal argument . . . is because when I’ve brought this up at city council meetings before . . the city attorney’s office replied . . . and it’s recorded on video . . . that they were not even aware of what it says in the General Plan about the city’s own requirement of 3-5 minute average emergency response times !!!!!

In June, 2020, the 125,000 residents of East Contra Costa County were without a responsive fire district for 23 hours, and 22 minutes of time. You call 911 . . . and nobody comes . . . or maybe they depart from Livermore traveling to Brentwood across Vasco Road.

So it certainly appears the city has a strong legal position NOT to approve or build more houses until this gets FIXED !!!!! You take care of the infrastructure first, you protect your residents . . . before you keep doing what you do . . . and what the city council does
. . . and what it seems they expect from the Planning Commission . . . is to approve anything and everything that city staff puts in front of you and them. Tonight needs to be the exception.

I’ve been trying to imagine . . . how this terrible idea . . . this horrific project . . . has been hanging around since 2006 . . . and then the city of Brentwood gets what should be some really good news . . . because this developer . . . with a reputation so bad . . that it’s almost impossible to have a worse reputation . . . a developer who from all accounts I’ve ever read . . . is acting very arrogant and uncooperative during this entire long, drawn-out process . . . but then somehow sort of a miracle occurs . . . the developer doesn’t follow thru with construction . . . so the subdivision maps, and the corresponding developer agreement expire . . . and then everybody on the city council just sits around apparently doing nothing to close it out . . . nobody does anything to stop it from happening. Nothing proactive. No preventative maintenance. So this horrible idea returns . . . and here we are.