Finally found a place where the emergency response is worse

This is an example of why we pay attention. You have no idea how much of this goes on when they think no one else is listening. Two faces is normal even when I was on the city council years ago. I saw it first hand. And I exposed it. It was in the newspaper how certain powerful people would say stuff to me like, "Why do you care . . . we won't even be here when the (outdated, flawed) Highway 4 Bypass is built". I could hardly believe they said it let alone had such thoughts. These folks were furious with me, and denied saying it to the press. Straight up lies of denial. Most of them have moved to other states. Most of them are on the previously mentioned Voice endorsement list. I am still in contact with some of the good city employees who were there. I guarantee the pattern of what's in this video happens more than anyone would believe.