How I Became a Candidate for Mayor of Brentwood 

I was recently asked to shed some light on a few things. I was reminded clarifying is always beneficial. Allowing “haters” to paint the picture is not so good. Some of these people display shockingly hypocritical behavior in what they tell me privately vs. what they post publicly. So here we go: how I became a candidate for mayor of Brentwood! Residents kept saying we need somebody to run for mayor against the incumbents. So I mentioned it to about eight (8) different people. I would have supported any of them, no questions asked. When they all declined, I stepped up. Since no one else wanted to run, I decided to do it my own way with a goal of being the first person to ever win spending $ zero 0 dollars. I made inquiries to the California Secretary of State's Elections Division, and the city clerk. I was told it wasn’t possible if I wanted to list my website. So I proceeded to go with my own campaign strategy, as close as possible to the original plan. I wanted to win without drama or the tit for tat that nobody wants. The truth is I find it outrageous that the Brentwood City Council continues to vote 5-0 on essential agenda items that is ruining our quality of life. And the city council often does not make sense when trying to explain or rationalize what they are thinking. Contributing factors include: ALL have taken “donations” from new housing developers and/or special interests. So by funding my own campaign for a $755.00 candidate statement, and running my own website . . . and actually discouraging donations, I feel in a sense that I have earned the right to do this my own way. I have only received $225.00 in campaign contributions—a striking contrast to my challengers. I want to be elected by intelligent voters who read my campaign statement, and take the time to look at my website. Therefore, I have no election signs, mailers, newspaper ads, or ad inserts. Residents keep telling me that unofficial polls show me slightly ahead. We shall see. I have no idea how the election results will turn out. IMHO the vast majority of residents recognize the distinct differences between myself and other mayoral candidates, especially the incumbents. I have spent much time and hard work on my website, and educating the electorate. I've received a lot of positive feedback with most everyone considering it as very informative, and extremely educational. It includes a 3 minute video of myself explaining why I’m running for mayor. I also have a “Contact” option where I have answered dozens of questions often on a daily basis. As you may know, Incumbent Bryant took a large donation from notorious Seeno developer; Incumbent Rarey took substantial donations from Ron Nunn family developers, and related Blackhawk developers, oil wells, and whatever else they do. A lot of residents have been drawing attention to this perceived corruption. It would be political suicide to continue accepting donations from new housing developers and special interests after being called out so many times. I always strive to tell the truth as honestly, straight forward, and respectfully as possible. Since each resident has his or her own perception of what’s happening in Brentwood, I try to avoid unnecessary conflict. However, no matter what I have done during this campaign, there is a group of incumbent supporters who continue to attack me with what appears as organized hate. They manufacture deliberate lies, and create orchestrated “wins” at city council meetings and social media for their favorite candidate. And they never stop. I’ve laid out my message and principles throughout the website. So if a person spends time on the website, they can see very clearly for themselves. I’m quite passionate about my dismay and outrage about our current city council, including the incumbents who are my challengers for Mayor of Brentwood. I don’t expect everyone to agree with me. And I don’t expect everyone to understand why I might not want to express my heartfelt disdain in an interview or public forum. It's a little more complicated but that's the general idea. I’m told most people visit the website, and make up their minds rather quickly. I'm the only candidate who will change the entire dynamic of what happens at the housing approval and emergency response & fire service "discussions".  People either want that or they don't!   If they’re kinda okay with how it's going, then they will vote accordingly.    My incumbent challengers have engaged in fire and emergency response “discussions” without results for many years.  It’s ridiculous.   What purpose is served by continuing to talk and talk, and then coming back month after month to tell everyone what you talked about? I will get the funding. Please visit my website: “How to Improve Emergency Response Times”. btw, here’s one very informed residents’ take on the October 27 city council meeting: “Here we are, in the midst of the greatest public health emergency in several lifetimes, and our government suggests, in the staff report under consideration, that the city council wait, do nothing, and get someone else to make the hard decisions . . . talk more, wait more . . .” I am doing this for the residents not so much myself. I have never accepted donations from developers, oil companies, or any type of special interest.  No political favors.  My goal is to win without any election signs, glossy mailers or fancy newspaper ads as happened previously with just $350, and an old fashioned newsletter. This quotation from a concerned resident rings largely true for me: “Joel Bryant and Karen Rarey both continue to propagate lies and promises in their regular fashion. Both incumbents don't really care what happens in the community.” I realize some people say “Karen is not as bad as Joel” but the fact is: they always vote the same on every new housing project and essential agenda item . . . to the detriment of Brentwood! With this post, I’m going to include a video of something an incumbent did that I consider a conflict of interest if not downright corrupt.

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