Impact of Residential Growth

Upping it to 81,000 would have required an update to the General Plan. The "81" is really quite unbelievable knowing what I know . . . unless maybe I'm just unaware that we now have an excellent jobs to housing ratio with fewer and fewer commuters, and adequate emergency response times (of course not)

Brentwood was the sixth fastest-growing city in California last year but city officials are questioning whether it’s growing in the right way.

“When Brentwood builds out to maximum capacity, it is supposed to have a balance of jobs and housing,” said Community Development Director Casey McCann. “The dilemma that Brentwood faces today is that growth numbers show Brentwood is building out as a bedroom community and not as the balanced and diverse community the general plan is calling for.”

The general plan guides development decisions related to land use, community design, transportation, public services and resource conservation for the next 15 to 20 years. It calls for the creation of 33,800 jobs by the time the city reaches a build-out population of 81,000 but with the city’s current population about 66,000 and growing, the number of jobs is just below 12,000, McCann said.

  • Brentwood Press May 26, 2016