How to Improve Emergency Response Times 

IMHO First, it's an attitude. Second, I am tired of empty promises. So I keep all options open.

I've spoken with residents about Brentwood moving in the direction of combining with Consolidated Fire. Also, a legal arrangement re: receiving funds for service calls to unincorporated places like Discovery Bay, Knightsen, Byron, and Bethel Island. I have a vision that we will pass a version of the Emergency Response For All Initiative. This could happen quickly if we elect a brand new city council.


Despite the lack of government revenues (dedicated to emergency medical and fire response in East County), I would meet regularly (at least once or twice a week, and perhaps daily)

with key "influencers" and decision makers in Sacramento . . . along with a variety of active and retired emergency responders (who UNLIKE our city council . . . actually support the Emergency Response For All Initiative) !!  Chief Helmick is an improvement over his predecessor(s) so that's definitely a positive as well.  I would also be contacting The County about financial support: Keep reaching out until you get the right person--you would be shocked how many times I've done this with success during my lifetime, including recently!  Relentless, and obviously, people are sick of this situation!


I will get the funding.  Timing is everything, and the time is now.  We can't have people losing their homes due to increased property taxes, and insurance rates.


It's always a discussion yet a very different urgency than ever before. Really all it takes is a strong group of 20 or more determined who think similar to change the entire mindset, and make it happen. Measure L didn't have more than 50 who were out there. I hear some saying consolidate with Con Fire without mentioning ECCFPD but everyone gets a voice, and no egos . . . agree to leave the egos out of it . . . and agree to call out anybody who reverts back to old nonsense . . . We will absolutely accomplish this with smart people being real and honest. I don't care who gets the credit.


I'm the only candidate who will change the entire dynamic of what happens at the housing approval and emergency response & fire service "discussions".  People either want that or they don't!  If they're kinda okay with how it's going, then they will vote accordingly.


My incumbent challengers have engaged in “discussions” without results for many years.  It’s ridiculous.  What purpose is served by continuing to talk and talk, and then coming back month after month to tell everyone what you talked about?