This might be my first speech if I happen to get elected :)

Brentwood needs more real jobs and businesses instead of a dollar store, gas station, car wash mentality. Let's bring the Brentwood business community together for potential solutions. Everybody gets a voice. Our city council should also be asking what they can do to help and support business owners during these challenging times. How about some temporary ordinances? Everybody listen. You might hear some smart, creative thinking.

We desperately need city council members who would not vote 5-0 to do something like moving Measure L forward via special election. It's ironic and also disturbing to find these same council members have refused to put a version of the Emergency Response For All Initiative on the November 2020 ballot. This is a public safety issue. The city council should be representing the residents, not the city. This requires creative ways to SLOW the rate of population growth until our infrastructure catches up (emergency response times are far short of meeting what is specified in the General Plan).

Stop finding ways to conveniently ignore, and then approve, bad housing projects. The city attorney's office recently claimed no awareness of the General Plan's specification regarding Emergency Response times in relation to building more houses. Our smart residents expect and demand higher standards. We need to elect city council members who don't make decisions based on trying to get re-elected. What is the point of being on the city council if you don't stand for anything? Pretending you know it all often makes you a know nothing. We have many smart residents in Brentwood. Listen to them . . . and engage them!  Listening is a skill. Hearing is a higher level skill.