"Stand up and lead or get out of the way"

"You're all seen and heard, and recorded on video"

"You put the needs of a developer (above the residents), line your own pockets with campaign contributions, Lie to us . . . "

Residents Have Become Police Officers Monitoring Our City Council; just to be clear: any city funds that might be required for this service would not come out of the public safety budget.

"I hardly know where to begin . . ."

Councilwoman Rarey explaining her vote for Measure L Special Election

Brentwood City Council Meeting, February 11, 2020: 

Bryan Scott: "Citizens are frustrated that their government has not solved the Public Safety Emergency"

Councilman Bryant explains approving Rotten Robbie gas station, car wash, store, 6890 Lone Tree Way, despite noise concerns, and an abundance of gas stations in the area. Perhaps we should review, revise and update the General Plan so it can’t be used as an excuse for approving such projects over and over (virtual city council meeting, July 28, 2020)

I personally guarantee Brentwood voters would approve Bryan Scott’s initiative if our city council would simply vote to put any similar  version of such on the 2020 ballot.  I know this from the obvious, overwhelming, enthusiastic support we encountered over and over again while gathering signatures pre COVID (ironically, we had to stop  due to public safety concerns).  Let the voters decide!  Instead, our city council voted 5-0 NO!